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GAT Labs

GAT Labs builds tools that help complement the power of Google Workspace and Chrome with auditing, management, security, automation and insights.

Today, GAT is the only ‘full stack’ solution covering all layers of Google Workspace and Chrome.

Every single tool from the GAT Suite gives IT Admins unique capabilities, visibility and security across their Cloud environment.

  • Comprehensive One-click reports.
  • Powerful Drive management capabilities.
  • Cutting edge security mechanisms.
  • Chrome OS monitoring and management.
  • Real-time Data Loss Prevention (DLP).
  • Admin task delegation.
  • Full Google Classroom insights and management.
  • Admin Friendly Workspace Reporting covering Users, Drive, Email, Devices,
    Groups, Calendars, Meet, Applications, Contacts and more.
  • Monitor high-risk file sharing activity across users, groups and Drives.
  • Customized policies to keep sensitive data safe.
  • Bulk multi dimensional file sharing permission management, detect and revoke sharing violations.
  • Identify external access to files and folders and local access to external files and
  • Move files and folders in bulk, easily.
  • Third Party Application risk assessment.
  • Report on user collaboration and measure performance.
  • Google Meet Reporting
  • Deprovision, disable or re-enable Chromebooks and ChromeOS devices in Bulk.
  • Delegated Audit Access for Non-Google Admins
GAT Unlock

Drive functionalities

  • Set alerts for suspicious events.
  • View/Download file content.
  • Change file sharing permissions.
  • Change file ownership.
  • Add users to files as Contributors/Readers/ Commenters.
  • Silently copy or view files.
  • Bulk download or view email contents.
  • Copy externally owned files and folders securely

Email functionalities

  • Delete spam, inappropriate or accidental emails for users.
  • Delegate access to an email account.
  • Download emails as PDF/EML.
  • View email content.
GAT Flow
  • Automated User On/ Offboarding and Modification Workflows.
  • Event and Time-Based Workflows.
  • Copy Multiple Folders to Multiple Users in Bulk.
  • Users, Passwords, Groups Contacts, Calendars, Drive and Shared Drive management.
  • Bulk Email Migrations.
  • Domain-wide signature management (single or in Bulk).
  • Google License Assignment (Vault, Cloud Identity, Google Voice and more).
GAT Shield

Google Chrome real-time DLP solution

  • Customized RegEx. alert rules.
  • LAN like usage visibility over Chrome-based cloud users.
  • Whitelist or blacklist sites for any given user, OU or group.
  • Keep track of sites visited, downloads, chats, keyword searches and more.
  • Detailed Guest Managed Session reporting.

Chromebook Management, Tracking and Monitoring

  • Powerful URL Filtering & Blocking.
  • Geo-track Chromebooks and ChromeOS devices at all times.
  • Manage downloads across all 1:1 Chrome Devices.
  • See where the bulk of any user’s online time is spent.
  • Investigate a specific activity for any user, on any site, and at any time.
  • Manage Guest Chromebooks better.